Nuclear Fuel Cycle Production (NFC)

Kazatomprom expanded its activities in the front-end NFC, including enrichment, production of UO2 powders/fuel pellets, and in the near future plans to begin production of fuel assemblies.

In October 2013, Kazatomprom through the Kazakh-Russian joint venture Uranium Enrichment Center JSC  became a shareholder of Ural Electrochemical Plant JSC which is the largest enterprise on uranium enrichment. This cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy has enabled the company to gain access to uranium enrichment services. At the same time, in order to create the conversion production Kazatomprom is working on transfer of innovative technologies to Kazakhstan.

For nearly 40 years, Ulba Metallurgical Plant provided services for reconversion and production of uranium dioxide fuel pellets for Light Water Reactors.

Kazatomprom and China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGNPC) are jointly implementing a project on construction of a plant for the production of fuel assemblies based on Ulba Metallurgical Plant for use in nuclear power plants of China as a nuclear fuel. The production of fuel assemblies is expected to begin in the end of 2020.